How a Pediatrician Orders at Taco Bell


Veganizing taco Bell

Taco Bell is one of the better fast food options when you eat a Whole Food Plant-Based diet - if you know how and what to order.


Have you always wondered how to veganize Taco Bell? In this episode of How a Pediatrician Orders I show you how to order mostly whole foods at Taco Bell! I have been waiting to film this video because I wanted it to be special. I have a really special place in my heart for Taco Bell. I used to eat a Taco Bell with my husband during college - and we would fight about who was going to pay for our bean burritos! To this day, we love Taco Bell because they are extremely vegan and vegetarian-friendly!

In this video, I go over my favorite orders and THE MOST HELPFUL vegan hack at Taco Bell which is "Fresco Style". 

What we ordered:

  • 7-layer Burrito - fresco style, substitute refried beans for black beans 
  • Power Veggie Bowl - fresco style, add potatoes
  • Crunchwrap Supreme - fresco style, add potatoes, substitute beef for beans
  • Bean Burrito - no red sauce, no onion, no cheese
  • Cheezy Bean & Rice Burrito - no creamy jalapeño sauce, no nacho cheese
Dr. Yami