Involving Kids in Shopping and Cooking


Studies show that when children are involved in cooking, they are more likely to accept fruits and vegetables.

Involving Kids in Shopping and Cooking

Although it can take more time and more patience to do so, I have some tips on how you can involve your child in your meal prep.

  1. Get them involved in menu planning - let them have some say in what meals or foods are available at home. And remember even the typical kid’s favorites such as pizza or macaroni and cheese can be made healthfully and delicious.

  2. Take them to the grocery store and allow them to pick a fruit and vegetable that they want to try that week.

  3. Once you get home, have them help you wash the produce and perform age appropriate tasks. When they are older, they can even do some simple chopping, but make sure you teach them proper technique and they are always supervised. Even little ones can help put ingredients into the blender or help you measure ingredients.

  4. Once they are late elementary to middle school allow them to make some simple meals on their own. My son loves to surprise us with fancy appetizers that usually consist of crudités and hummus arranged beautifully on a plate.

  5. If you are able to garden, get them involved! From the selection of seeds and starter plants, to the care and maintenance, and the harvesting, children enjoy and learn much from gardening.

There are many ways to get kids interested, involved and more curious about healthy whole plant foods, but I hope that these will get you started! Remember it doesn't have to be perfect, just have fun and enjoy sharing delicious foods with your kids.

What ways have you tried to involve your kids in the kitchen? I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Comment below, give me a like, and please share. Have a plantastic day!

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