Increasing Natural Movement in Children

A recent study found that children start to become sedentary by age 7! That means by the time a child is in high school, if they are not involved in sports, they may not be getting much exercise. When the weather is warm, it is so easy to send the kids outside to play, but what are ways that we can encourage natural movement throughout the seasons?

Increasing Natural Movement in Children

Here are my 5 tips for increasing natural movement in children:

  1. Make it a family affair. If you do activities WITH your child they are more likely to participate and enjoy it. I love family walks, bike rides, fun runs, and playing at the park. It is also fun to play sports together as a family, take hikes, and in the winter go sledding and skiing.

  2. Make it fun. Adults need to be silly too. When it is cold or wet outside, put on some music and have an indoor dance competition - you are sure to get lots of exercise and lots of laughs from your little ones.

  3. Play games. Active movement games such as the Wii are good choice for entertainment and movement.

  4. Change your environment. Remove the TV or unsubscribe from programming. In addition, I definitely recommend removing televisions from children’s rooms. You can also keep the floor space open so it’s ok for kids to run inside the house. We actually have a mini-trampoline in our living room!

  5. Change your mindset. Natural movement is often more fun and rewarding than scheduled exercise such as working out at the gym. Look for ways throughout your day to add natural or purposeful movement. Can you walk or ride bikes to school? Can you walk to run an errand instead of drive? How about having the kids each carry a shopping basket instead of grabbing a cart at the grocery store? And once kids are old enough, tolerate movement - kids love to jump, climb and run and this is natural and essential for them.

What activities do you like to do with your kids? What are some creative ways to increase their natural movement you have integrated into your lifestyle? Comment below, leave me a like, and please share this blog post. Thanks for reading and have a plantastic day!

Dr. Yami