Establishing and Protecting Your Keystone Habit


A keystone habit is a habit that holds all the rest of your habits together. It is a habit that leads to a cascade of other healthy habits. It is helpful to identify keystone habits because when you emphasize and protect that behavior, it makes it easier to maintain other beneficial habits.

Habits are interesting because as individuals we can have habits, but habits can also exist within families, neighborhoods, and entire cultures. Parents have a strong influence over the habits of their family unit. Don't forget how much control you have over your family routines and collective behaviors.

When keystone habits are formed and protected, you can reach health and wellness goals for yourself and your family.

Establishing and Protecting Your Keystone Habit

My keystone habit is exercise. I know that exercise regulates my appetite, and I tend to make better eating choices. Exercise also positively affects my mood and improves my sleep. Because I usually exercise in the morning, getting my daily workout sets a positive tone for the rest of my day. For my husband, sleep is a keystone habit. When he obtains adequate sleep, he is more likely to exercise and make better eating choices.

What might a keystone habit look like for a family? If your goal is for your family to “eat healthier”, a keystone habit might be weekly meal planning and prepping. When you prepare all your meals for the week or batch cook, the stage is set for a week of nutritious food. Eating a healthy breakfast could give you the energy you need to take that afternoon run. And having dinner already ready when you come home may facilitate sitting down for the evening meal together as a family while everyone is in one place.

As you can see, healthy habits often depend on keystone habits you have established. When you identify and protect that keystone habits for yourself and for your family, you can take care to protect them so that the rest of your habits more easily fall into place.

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